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replica-louis-viotton-beltsHainan Wanning yesterday morning for the official release of four girls hymen complete identification of the conclusions ( for some reason the other two unidentified ) , Replica Louis Vuitton Belts involving the principal open house with the girls ‘ event five girls parents said yesterday , the 10th daughter to do the initial inspection after five per ruptured hymen daughter learned from the forensic department or police investigators , and does not endorse the new conclusions. Mannings Municipal Propaganda Department staff advised that the identification of the Public Security Bureau after the required submittal to the final conclusion. Yesterday night, police said Mannings , drew suspicion of child molestation arrest two suspects. According to CCTV reported yesterday , police said , six girls May 8 at noon together , one of the girls called in her familiar surnamed principals , Louis Vuitton Belts Replica which drove them to want to go to the sea, but the other did not agree, then give them 1,000 yuan left. ( Note : ? ? One school long , why give these young girls 1,000 yuan president is doing ) in the afternoon , this six girls in Wanning a teahouse after tea to 21:00 , they called in this is the name of the principal, to a KTV singing, drinking , there have been two girls do not want to sing again , on his own staff member surnamed Feng contact the local government units , then the person driving the two girls taken to a hotel open house . ( Note : this ridiculous explanation , is it when the National People idiot ! ) Yesterday afternoon, the Xinmin Evening News said that a responsible person surnamed Li, Wanning City Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade said that at present , there are still many doubts whole case , Fake Louis Vuitton Belts investigators team is full investigation.

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replica-gucci-beltsFor the above statement yesterday afternoon , the incident five parents of young girls together , accepted the Beijing Times reporter in a telephone interview . Replica Gucci Belts Parents said that on May 10 the kids to do the inspection , they were informed that her hymen rupture or forensic investigators from the police department . 13, 23 am, police received four calls were , so take my daughter to the hospital again ( another person who has not received a phone battery died ) , a person who have guessed , refused to re-check the results , three people check conclusions are intact hymen . Parents said Wang Qiang , 10 , 15 am , he and other parents together to Wanning City People’s Hospital for check-ups for children , forensic tell him his daughter ‘s hymen broken. 13, 23 am, police received a telephone to let him re- do the inspection , My wife and daughter went in , Replica Gucci Belt and his wife said there Dr. Wan Ningde , there are provincial forensics, but mainly Dr. Wan Ningde in check , province who did not see how . checked , Fake Gucci Belts have a doctor know my wife , my daughter said, breaking the hymen , but the doctor was pushed another doctor said my daughter’s hymen is not broken, do not signing my wife .

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replica-hermes-beltsParents said that the incident another girl home in the southwest province , Replica Hermes Belts to his daughter is the lead , is the daughter of two school principals dry , she took five of us kids out , has not told her parents we talked to the parents , have not met, have not contacted . Yesterday afternoon, the Hermes Belts Times reporter on these parents say, Wanning Municipal Propaganda Department to verify the call , the staff said, the public security argument is that there are some parents have questioned the identification of the original public order , public security and finally do a second appraisal , the Public Security Bureau forensic identification there at the scene, they must extract the relevant evidence, such as DNA, secretions , Fake Hermes Belts making identification technology, after the identification of the Public Security Bureau to trial , a conclusion to come out . The staff member also said that the Mannings party secretary has given instructions on the matter , requiring serious treatment of suspects and punished , What parents can appeal to the government . 14 afternoon, the Minister of Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of Tran Hung Wanning Wanning chapter representatives municipal government , the city with a female student president open house event statement: public security departments are fully solved in progress , if any, will be the first time open to the public, Hermes Belts Replica once verified, no shield , must be severely punished .